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The Hammerheads and Koalas Triathlon Team is a community-focused team based out of the Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown and Ancaster area of Canada, open to participants of ages 6 to 99 (we can go older if interested, lol). We believe that fitness should be a way of life, not a list of goals to achieve, and that’s why our team is open to everyone - not just athletes or extremely fit individuals. Take a look at our site to find out more about ways to participate and start training today! We have different programs that depend on age, so everyone in the family can join.

Whether you’re a regular participant or looking to join your first ever Triathlon, you’ve come to the right place. The Hammerheads and Koalas Triathlon Team is an engaging and fun team, geared towards people of all ages and from all walks of life. We believe that fitness equals happiness, and encourage our participants to challenge their bodies while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Mission Vision and Value Statement


No discrimination of any form will be tolerated on our team. We stand for equality, respect, and inclusion. Celebrating what makes each of us unique. Regardless of your race, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, appearance and ability.


Our teams goals are to motivate, educate and to aid members of our community to become triathletes at any and all levels, ages and goals. Our team encourages the family to participate together. We promote easy and frequent interaction with our head coaches to grow athletes into their full potential and become the triathlete the athlete wants to be!


Did you know that with your membership you can ask for a monthly meeting? With that monthly meeting you can get a personalized training plan and goal setting. 


Every athlete on the team has unlimited communication with Mat Reid. This can be via text, email, messenger, tele and in-person. Communication is usually started by the athlete.


You can also upgrade your membership to include Training Peaks and a much greater detailed plan with coach David Hopton.


History of the Team


Mat Reid created the Hammerheads in April 1999 with just 5 athletes with the help of the Hamilton Downtown YMCA. From ’99-’02 the team grew from 5 to 65 athletes and with a wait list. The Hammerheads had outstanding success in the sport of Triathlon in those early years of the team being the most decorated KOS/Junior team in Ontario from 2001-2009.


Mat stepped down as Head Coach in 2006 to open his retail store, Runners Den - Waterdown, fully leaving the Hammerheads in September 2007.


While the Hammerheads continued with new coaches, Mat started a new triathlon team in Waterdown called the Fighting Koalas. The Koalas were first just an adult team, but in 2009 started a KOS and Junior squad. This lead to the Hammerheads and Koalas being fierce rivals from 2009-2015.


After many coaching changes in the Hammerheads, David Hopton was picked to be Head Coach as of January 2014, and a regime change was made in 2015 giving the team back to Mat Reid. This created the coaching team of David Hopton and Mat Reid which is arguably the strongest coaching duo in Ontario. 


From 2015 to 2019 the two teams trained and raced as sister teams. In 2020 the two teams were combined as one and renamed The Hammerheads and Koalas Triathlon Team for the new decade. In 2022 Noel Thomson was brought on board to make our Kids of Steel team the best in the Province. 

We greatly look forward to helping our athletes and teammates reach their personal goals in the sport!


To learn more about us, contact Mat Reid. I would be more than happy to help!


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